We need your help to raise money for a permanent new home for CSTOCK!  image

We need your help to raise money for a permanent new home for CSTOCK!

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CSTOCK is a 30+ year community theatre that lost its longtime home when the Silverdale Community Center was demolished in 2016. Building on a strong relationship between volunteers, educators, and students, Central Kitsap School District (CKSD) and CSTOCK will partner to build a new shared-use theater at Ridgetop. The partnership includes free land, a 25% CKSD contribution toward construction costs, and no rent/utility fees for the life of the building. It also finally made good on CKSD’s unfulfilled taxpayer promise to build a centralized hub for performing arts and community events, which dated back to the early 1990s. OurStaging For Success! campaign was launched in early 2017 to raise the remainder of funding needed for the $5.3M facility.

CSTOCK’s campaign has focused on building not just a new theater, but also a regional public school of the arts. The new Ridgetop Theater is designed to be used both day and night, with students enjoying a teaching auditorium by day; walking from classroom to stage for an after-school academy; and later opening to the community for an evening theatre and performing arts center. State legislators, private foundations, local commissioners, and individual donors have publicly and personally helped us raise a total of $2.6M to date.


CSTOCK currently needs an additional $1 - 2M to complete the building project (construction plus outfitting). We have grant funding deadlines that are set to expire as early as January 2020 if groundbreaking does not occur. Please help bridge the funding gap, allowing construction to begin while we continue fundraising efforts.